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  • I don't seem to be able to find a simple way to bookmark a web page. I went to a Vivaldi "Help" page, but it indicated that I should press a key which I don't seem to have on my keyboard. It was the key which is supposed to access "Settings". Most browsers seem to have a symbol which, when pressed, will allow bookmarking of the page being viewed - but if Vivaldi has this feature, I can't seem to find it. Any help appreciated .

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    @jfh The little bookmark-shaped symbol at the far right end of your address bar.

    That said, you can also drag the security badge of the address bar to your bookmarks bar or to the exact place you want it in the bookmarks panel.

    Ctrl+d or Cmd+d also works. How is it that you have a keyboard with no Ctrl button? I have never seen such a thing.

  • Thanks - I see the little bookmark symbol now. And I have a Ctrl button on my keyboard. It says "CTRL". But that little four petal symbol I don't recall having seen before.

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    @jfh That sounds like the Option key found on a Mac. ⌘ Are you using using Windows on a Mac or have you just posted in the wrong forum section?

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    @jfh It's Ctrl on Windows, and Cmd (the little four-petal symbol) on Mac. All you need is the command (pushing the "Ctrl" key at the same time as the "d" key on Windows) for your system. See? hang around Vivaldi for a while, and as time goes on, you learn a little more and a little more, bit by bit, about how to use your computer!


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