proxy for insanely good video?

  • Hi,
    I am following US-news more or less on a daily basis using But I have a 2mb/s line only. Up to one or two month ago this didn't mater, the videos were played without any stutter.
    But then augmented the quality to such a good level that I assume makes all 4k-tv-set owners really happy. But users with a not so good connection are bitten now by this insanely good quality which is too much for the bandwidth.

    Now the question: Is there a vivaldy mobile proxy where one could occasionally connect to to view videos at a decent, but not too high quality.

    And, BTW, this would be a killing feature having this funnctionality available with a right click to the contect menü, something like "play video through" (at a lower resolution)

    Maybe there is an extension doing this?

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    @michaa7 It may be some years before Vivaldi is big enough to afford to offer the kind of service provided by Opera Turbo.


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