The Register interview with Jon

  • [url][/url] Note the comments below the article which show long-standing users of Opera are now drifting away to find alternative browsers. Sadly, nothing in the article suggests that Vivaldi is planning a new browser although that is why many of us are currently hanging around here. If the only thing on offer is an alternative to MyOpera I will be very disappointed.

  • Wow! Bold title for that Interview. Almost a title that only Chuck Norris could get away with putting out there.

    Speaking for myself, I'm not here in hopes that Jon is secretly developing a new Browser and that we'll soon see a Beta version or something. I'm just here in hopes that the Vivaldi Community will eventually be what MyOpera was.

    Of course, Jon is welcome to surprise us with a new Browser.

    I must admit that now seeing it in black and white, it does concern me some that if I understood correctly, Jon is funding Vivaldi by himself.

  • @Suntana:

    Jon is funding Vivaldi by himself.

    Pure rumor: I believe the money comes from Vivaldi Invest AS which is 100% owned by Jon - afaik, don't sue me if it is wrong.

  • I was just going by what in the article sure is presented as a quote by Jon. Whatever the case may be, let's just hope the funding is solid and Vivaldi has a good, long run.

  • The interview was enough to make me join here.

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Looks like interesting times ahead… :cheer:

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