Option to Disable Hiding of Window Controls

  • Some websites create windows without menu (thus dropping extensions access), address bar or similar.

    Please add an option to forbid/disable these "features" when creating new windows

  • I suppose the option would be:

    On popup:

    • Open in New window (popup only)
    • Open in New tab
    • Open in New window (with full controls)

  • That might be one implementation.

    Another might be just a checkbox "Allow websites to disable window elements" (possibly also resizing and the lot...)

  • Moderator

    Opera 12.18 has a dialogue where one can set Javascript options.

    0_1519417799999_Javascript Options.png

  • Yeah, I had something like that in mind. Most important would be hiding address bar and hiding extension container...

  • Even some extensions do that (if they use popups)
    I always want see back/forward and extension container :P

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