Mark as "unsupported" flags Vivaldi can't use

  • I mean everything won't work with vivaldi like:

    • NACL flags (works only on chrome)
    • Google Sync (chrome and few chromiums)
    • Chromium bookmarks* (we have our)
    • Chromium history* (we have our)
    • Some G-services (if not used by Vivaldi)
    • Some omnibox flags (which depends on chromium UI)
    • Some chromium UI flags - when not applicable on vivaldi - as the one for the tabs.

    *Chromium bookmarks/history actually could be found "under the hood". But I don't think we'll miss them.

    Having such flags in the wild may confuse users as they wonder why a flag for [chromium] UI don't work on Vivaldi. And crowd the list.


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