Stop Shortcuts From Using/Overwriting "Sessions"

  • Hello. It is great that you can use the -app command just like with Chrome to make a desktop shortcut to a specific webpage without the UI, but either them specifically, or shortcuts to specific pages altogether should not replace the session from opening the main browser. It is quite irritating to have the "Start where I left off" option checked, but if I open my -app shortcut to YouTube, it overwrites all the tabs I had opened in the main window. This did not happen in Chrome so I do not know what was changed here to break that but I assume it would not be difficult to fix. Otherwise I absolutely love the browser and keep up the great work.

  • Moderator

    @ka24deracer I won't pretend to understand this feature request, but if it works for Chrome and not in Vivaldi, shouldn't it be submitted as a Bug Report?


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