"O mail client" confusion

  • I am kind of confused about m2....

    This email client doesn't use folders? So what happens if I import my mail into Opera 12.18 on Linux or O M2 on Windows?

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    @cwm030 Well, Vivaldi has nothing to do with Opera, and this is not an Opera support forum. But as it happens, several Vivaldi users also use M2, myself included, so I'll tell you what I know. M2 uses a single unified database for emails, and does not make copies of them to put in folders, etc. Rather, M2 has "views" which are really just ways to categorize and display emails in the same way folders do, but without actually physically moving the email within the database. If you export email from Opera M2 or import it into Opera M2, the exported mail may all appear in the inbox of the receiving client, whether the receiving client is M2 or something else like Thunderbird. In a client like Thunderbird, you can simply drag misplaced "sent" emails that are in the inbox, over to the sent folder. In M2, you can export "sent" mails that are in the inbox and then re-import the resulting mbs, tagging all the mails in it as "sent."

    Long story short, nothing will be lost importing or exporting, but folders will not be respected.

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  • @Ayespy CWM030 2 minutes ago @Ayespy

    Well, Vivaldi has nothing to do with Opera, and this is not an Opera support forum<<

    This thread is a continuation of the thread split off for the sake of staying on topic about what people want to see in the M3 mail client.

    That would be a DISASTER if everything is imported into the inbox.... I wouldn't be able to sort out everything back to the way it was....

    My archive folders :

    2014 folder has 30 messages

    2015 folder has 2748

    2016 has 9011

    2017 has 6257

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    @cwm030 In the overall scheme of things, that's hardly any email. I'm currently storing over half a million emails going back to 2001. 🙂

    Those folders are just convenient database divisions. If you exported/imported these, the dates and times would obviously still be in the headers, making the data folder structure of one year per folder irrelevant.

    As a rule, the only way for one email client to respect the "folders" that users create in another email client when importing data, is if they can import both a) physical folders and b) the actual database whereby mails in those physical folders are identified and found. When you are using M2, it never creates physical folders reflecting the way you divided up your email for personal use. If you create "folders" for Mom, Work, Repairs, Games, Auto, Pets, Medical in your folder tree, these folders do not actually exist. They are just tags applied to emails to show them in that specific view. That makes data handling fast and efficient, and requires a fraction of the storage space of real folders. In Thunderbird, on the other hand, physical copies of the emails are stored in physical folders. So when you import into another client from Thunderbird, it might import the actual folders. As the M2 indexing and database are not legible by any other client, all that can be done is to export to MBS/MBX and then import the actual physical email copies.

    If I were moving to another client from M2, I would pick a client that can import from MBS/MBX, and then I would export my emails from M2 in batches - All "sent" mails from one account, all "sent" mails from another account, etc. until the mails from all accounts were exported, and then I would do the same for received. I would name the resulting files yahoo sent, gmail sent, earthlink sent, etc. The amounts you have are small enough it should go rapidly. Then I would import into the new client, one folder at a time.

    As to your personal folder structure reflecting your own subject choices, you would have to reconstruct those. I don't know any way to preserve those unless you exported them one folder at a time - which you could do. The X factor would be whether the new client would record which source each batch of emails was imported from. If not, you'd have to do it stepwise - export Mom, import Mom, make a Mom folder in the new client and drag all the newly imported mails into it. Export Work, Import Work, make a Work folder, drag all the newly imported mails into it. etc.

    I'm just spitballing possible solutions. I personally don't use folders. I use labels and rules to create and filter labels. These can be set up in the new client after a mass import.

  • @ayespy Ahh I gotcha... and holy cow half a million! I think my import said I had over 20K....
    I guess if I want to import into M2.. I am going to have to figure out a way to do it folder by folder.

    I just set up filtering for certain emails to go to certain " tags"... I think I am catching on.

    So when email is downloaded....... I want to look at the TAGS section and not the ALL MESSAGES section?

    I got to say this is pretty interesting and kinda cool so far.


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    @cwm030 what are you importing from?

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    @cwm030 If you are working in M2, you can see unread, or received, or pinned, or whatever; or select a given filter or label. Received, depending on how you set the view (that's adjustable) will show as much or as little as you want, but for everything that has a label, there will be an icon showing what label it has. If it has more than one label (say, both mom and family) it will only show one of the labels in the mail list, but if you right click on it and select "label as," you can see all of its labels.

  • @ayespy TBIRD


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