Show icons in context menu

  • Easier to identify the related actions by an icon instead of just text:


  • Nice, but colored ones šŸ˜› (like the extensions)

  • All browsers have this to help to select the good menu. I want to add, that we can go further in the way using only icon and tooltip label linked for their caption. We assume if the icon is well done, that it's well grouped, that common use doesn't need to make us to read everything until we find what we want.

    For instance, the 3 open link could be represented only with the same arrow icon only with light symbol variation for each one. And this is certainly possible for others groups of functions.

    In FireFox, some basic and quick functions are already done like this way. And easily you recognize their function (in Firefox the bookmarks are stars) :

    We can make it more useful like a long search engine list, like I suggested a time ago (this idea is from FireFox old extension Quick Context Menu) :

    And we can think that instead opening all cascade menu, the cascade menu is remplaced with icons : the menu is text, for instance Save in and instead of cascade menu, the text is followed with icons for each image folder, data file folder...

    This modern direct use of icons, that we know even in Office context menu, is a solution to get space into the context menu, to get still easier and quicker to reach functions which are mixed from parameter-like functions which are not often used, and shortcut functions that you need them to be handy.

    And to conclude, I just add that this solution doesn't kill the idea (both are complementary) to use direct bubble for the most common searches like this :

  • More about the bubble ? Please look to this suggestion.

  • +1

    @bimlas that is exactly what I am also looking for. The context menu is getting so long in some cases, as an user you get lost in all of those options. Icons can improve usability so much.

    @Hadden89 I agree colored ones would be even nicer.

    If you think this a little further. The user could also be enabled to define own icons for the different context menu entries.

  • Maybe not for all options, but for the most important ones it could be helpful šŸ™‚

  • alt text

    Please show icons in the context menu to make it easier to identify the related actions by an icon instead of just text.

    [bug reported VB-58665]

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