Open Vivaldi URLs in the same tab

  • Currently, each vivaldi url opens its own tab while using shortcuts. Opening vivaldi://history, vivaldi://bookmarks, or vivaldi://settings, through their respective shortcut creates a new tab, and I think that this shouldn't be the case.

    If there is already a tab that is displaying bookmarks, using the history shortcut should not open a new tab, but instead use the same one as the tab displaying bookmarks.

    Furthermore, using the settings shortcut should not open a new settings tab when there is already a tab with an address like vivaldi://settings/keyboard.

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    How are you opening these URLs? For me, they all open in the current tab when using Paste and Go in the URL field.

  • @pesala through shortcuts, for example, I press the bookmarks shortcut, and it opens a newer tab instead of the one I already had open.

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    @altcode Try clicking on the Bookmarks and History links on the navigation toolbar on the Start Page.

    Please start a new thread for the feature request to add Settings to the Navigation Bar.

  • @pesala That doesn't really solve the problem though. Say I open a new tab, but I don't immediately do anything with it, and go back to other tabs that I am using. Then, I decide to view things on vivaldi://history, but instead of going to the new tab I had already opened, another newer is opened instead. Why should that happen, instead of simply using the new tab that I had already opened before.

    Or another similar example is that I open a settings tab, then I look at the settings that are related to privacy, so the url has changed to vivaldi://settings/privacy. I leave that tab, but I don't close it, and later on, I want to go back to it, so I use the settings shortcut, but a new settings tab is opened at vivaldi://settings/startup, instead of going to the already opened settings tab. Again, why should a newer settings tab be opened when there already was one opened?

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    @altcode There is no harm in asking for any feature, but I don't see any mileage in this. Just open the Settings in a dialogue, then Alt P will focus it from anywhere.

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