Add a "Show Password" button/option on masked input fields

  • Some browsers, implement a button or a way to show the password being inserted on every masked input field. That may be very convenient, specially for sites where we are registering a new account and a password confirmation is not asked.

    Button to show password

    Although, there are browser addons that provide this functionality, addons are not ideal, specially for something so sensitive as passwords. I'm suggesting that Vivaldi implements something like this natively. It could just be something like an eye like button that allow us to peek on the password while pressed or, if that can mess up things with custom page buttons or styles, a context menu option that shows the password when clicked and/or a keyboard shortcurt or a small pop-up that shows below the input field with a button to show the password should equally do the job.

  • edit mmh.. you meant site password block, not browser stored ones. But has sense if it could be implemented.


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