Option for Developer Tools not to Refresh from the Server

  • Chromium has this really annoying 'feature' - which I consider a bug of course - but let's hear you guys' take on this.

    When we do a View Source on any page, (earlier I used to think it was only for POSTs) it hits the server again!

    V also does this since it uses the Chromium engine, of course, any way to make it more developer-friendly by NOT making it hit the server again ?

    (Wouldn't be surprised if your devs have already hit this with a magic setting 🙂

    Just because of this shortcoming, I lose dynamically-inserted objects in the DOM; so I have to keep using FF which smartly uses the buffered/cached data for the View Source an doesn't repaint the screen.

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    @rojaviv I edited your thread title to make the meaning clearer. Feel free to fix it if it is not quite right.

    To me it looks similar to Save and Apply Changes to Source Code, but I don't use Developers Tools.


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