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    @MattSolo45 This has not been mentioned to us testers.

  • Hooray! I'm so excited about this I ran into the living room and told my fiancée - who couldn't care less, haha. I literally had just been installing several browsers on my phone trying to find one that was somewhat decent for my needs when I saw some page mention Vivaldi for mobile. I see I'm actually 2 days late; I could have not bothered with these other browsers, but I'm took happy to care.

    I've been using other browsers like Firefox or Chrome to sync my mobile bookmarks to my desktop, then importing them into Vivaldi, deduplicating & organizing them, exporting the results and finally sometimes importing back into the secondary browser after deleting the bookmarks there. Unfortunately, this was a terrible workaround. Firefox would fail to sync the deletions and I'd have to manually delete them all on mobile, and the sync also failed to bring all my bookmarks to mobile and failed to sync them into three correct folders. Chrome sync seems to at least work correctly (there did appear to be an issue, but I'm not going to bother investigating it now), however Chrome has some real performance issues handling a bookmark library the size of mine. When creating new folders, or editing/moving a bookmark there is always a long delay before the app is responsive and loads the next dialog. Creating new bookmarks would make the entire browser very choppy.

    Now Vivaldi has a mobile browser, and I know I'm not the only person extremely pleased with the release. I understand it's beta, there will be issues and some features of course still need to be completed and brought to the mobile app. This will not prevent me from making Vivaldi my daily driver on my phone. I will submit any feedback or bug reports as necessary to help you guys out (I was a QA Manager in the tech sector in a previous career, so hopefully I can be of some help).

    But I just had to load the forum and write this post add the very first thing I did with Vivaldi on my phone. I haven't even synced my data or installed my extensions yet. I still have to give the app a complete review to see what is included and what is still on the to do list.

    Thank you Vivaldi team & community for getting us to this point. Keep up the great work!

  • I went to install this and it's not supported on any of my devices, serious BOOO. I hope somewhere in the dev path there is plans for older devices rather than riding the perpetual upgrade machine trend.

  • @nPHYN1T3
    Hi, Android older than 5 is really ancient and used from about 7% of all Android user.
    I guess it will never work on 4.4 or older from playstore.
    As Chrome is working on 4.4 you may check install manually from .apk, you get it on download page.

    Cheers, mib

  • When will the iOS version be out!?!?

  • @Sanibel said in Mobile Browser Version:

    When will the iOS version be out!?!?

    Considering the Android version isn't even an official release yet, not in any predictable timeframe. If you recall, we've been waiting for this to come out for quite a long time and Vivaldi doesn't speculate on future release dates.

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    @Sanibel It appears like it will be a long runway to iOS. Almost nothing from work done to date can be used - not even the engine.

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    Vivaldi Mobile has been released as version 3.0:

    This is for android only.

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