Hard drive, drives hard

  • Hi, i noticed that at some point my hard drive is working hard while i visit websites or even more surfing with google maps etc. Don´t have the same thing with other browsers.

  • use task manager to watch it. press Ctrl+Shift+Esc or rigth click in task bar below and select tast manager
    and then see processes tab memory
    watch vivladi and another browsers too

    and think that Windows does a lot of tasks without say nothing and maybe it does them in the same moment that you open vivaldi….. uggggghhhhtttt

  • @twil: How much RAM do you have in your system?

    A common reason for extra HDD churning is high pagefile usage when a system does not have sufficient RAM for all the tasks/activities it is being asked to perform. I haven't done any testing with Vivaldi or been using it long enough to have a strong impression, but on my modest 32-bit Win7 Pro machine with 2GB RAM at this stage of its development my impression is that Vivaldi's RAM usage and disk caching may not be very efficient, and there may be more pagefile activity than typical of other browsers.


    use task manager to watch it. press Ctrl+Shift+Esc

    To get some visual idea of pagefile activity from Task Manager, you might want to add columns for Page Faults, PF Delta, I/O Reads, I/O Writes, I/O Other, I/O Read Bytes, I/O Write Bytes, and I/O Other Bytes

    For Win7 (not sure about Win8 or Win10), probably a better idea can be obtained using the Disk Activity section of Resource Monitor:

    WinKey+R > perfmon /res
    Control Panel > Performance Information and Tools > Advanced Tools > Open Resource Monitor

    These approaches may help confirm what you already suspect/know: that Vivaldi is involved in the HDD churning. You could then look at specific Vivaldi processes (vivaldi.exe) using the PID from Task Manager or Resource Monitor and Vivaldi's own Task Manager (Tools > Task Manager) to identify which tab(s) are responsible for the HDD churning (e.g., Google Maps).

  • Same problem.
    I have 16gb of RAM (6 is free now). 100% of ssd drive using by vivaldi. It happend many times last weak. How can I help you to find out mistake.

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    May be, after stopping Vivaldi, deleting the file Top Sites in directory %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default works.

    I remember that the issue was reduced in Latest Snapshot from https://vivaldi.net/en-US


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