Improved Address Bar Search

  • Right now vivaldi does pretend everything with a dot in the address bar is a website.
    Like pasting in the address bar does load a webpage instead of search.

    A workaround is to add the search engine nickname in front of it like g or using the search box but if you are familiar with chrome, opera.. address bar you don't think about it until you see the error page which gets annoying.

  • I do agree that the handling of domain names is somewhat borked.

    I have seen some people make the claim that as far as naming conventions go, anything in the form (\w+.)+\w+ is a valid domain, but that's simply not useful for anyone who frequently has to search api docs.

    Ideally vivaldi should search for a term if the supposed TLD is not something from though there are so many I would be afraid of some performance dips as a result.


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