My message get blocked and mark as spam

  • Hi!
    I try to post a message about technical problem with Vivaldi and your Forum refuse to post it.
    I get a warning that my message is marked as SPAM.

    What is giong on?

  • @ronnys We've had problems in the past with spammers posting things so now the forum is set up to be a bit more paranoid of new users. Once you've interacted with the forum enough this should stop being a problem.

  • It seems that the Forum-engine didn't like "===" i put inn the message.
    I think "===" is some code in this forum. I removed it and now it works 🙂


  • Moderator

    Yes, the spam filter is sometimes too harsh. It checks spam probability by content (words, links, title), and if similar was already found to be spam in the past, it marks the new post as spam.


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