Right-click Editing of Bookmarks Name and URL

  • Current behavior:
    In Windows, right-clicking on a bookmark/folder directly on the Bookmarks Bar shows a context menu. The only option for editing is to "Rename" there is no option to change the URL.

    Right-clicking on a bookmark inside a folder on the Bookmarks bar doesn't open a context menu and instead immediately opens the link in a new tab. Right clicking on a nested folder does nothing.

    Desired behavior:
    As with other browsers (firefox, chrome, opera) allow right-clicking on any bookmark in a menu to bring up a context menu and allow editing both the bookmark name and url.

    Similarly, for folders allow right-clicking to bring up context menu to allow renaming the folder.

  • - Ambassador -

    On the second point, Vote for Context Menu in Bookmarks Bar

  • @Mozilla you can edit an existing url on the bookmarks screen ( vivaldi://bookmarks/ )

    Highlight the bookmark first by clicking on it and then in the panel that appears on the right side of the window, click on the url and type or paste the new URL.

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