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  • Hi! Not sure if this applies to Windows only but I experienced this on Windows. Could you look at the following page: http://www.sheerdigital.co.uk/work/ It works fine on Chrome, Firefox but on Vivaldi it seams that transitions for opacity is making it jump with blank image between instead of fade. Is it something that is not yet working on Vivaldi or something is not correct on the page? Thank you!

  • it looks like the site http://www.terra.com.ar/ where if you move the mouse over a pic you see a blank frame insted a pic. I reported it but not lucky I´ll re report ths bug
    you can choice your country if you like in that web site
    report like bug with the bug reporter page https://vivaldi.com/bugreport.html don`t be lazy and do it

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    Yes, the problem exists, but it's not a problem with opacity, it's a problem with filter. After toggling them for a while it eventually worked, but I could not change tab afterwards.

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