Notes - memory footprint

  • Will having a lot of notes increase the memory footprint of V ? Can we determine the memory taken by Notes ?

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    @rojaviv Define "a lot." No, there's no way to limit that at this time.

  • @ayespy Not referring to limiting it; let's say we have 100mb of notes, is it loaded into RAM all the time and is that reported by Task Man ?

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    @rojaviv Ah. By "determine," you mean "ascertain," not "dictate."

    I don't really know if they are loaded into RAM when the browser opens, but I think maybe so. The reason I say that, is because we had a couple of bugs that had to be fixed because of problems related to starting with hundreds of notes. But it could be they only load when you open the notes panel. The memory would only show up as being consumed by the main app.

    I do know that notes that have page images attached to them can consume up to 500KB apiece, so if you save a lot of page images, the file can grow quickly.

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    See Settings → Panel
    Disable the creation of screenshots

    That reduced the file size and may be RAM consumption.

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