Problems with some extensions (Evernote, Pocket)

  • I use Vivaldi 1.15 (most current snapshot) with the extensions for Evernote and Pocket from Google Webstore. The same extensions work without any problem with Google, but in Vivaldi I can not enter any strings into the dialogs/popups of this extensions. The snapshot of web-pages itself works, but I can not enter tags or labels before saving the snapped page.
    The same thing works without any problem on Chrome. I think, also with older Vivaldi (1.13 or so) the extensions work ok, but with vesion 1.14 and 1.15 the problem occurs.
    Are there any specific differences between Chrome and Vivaldi in this area?

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    @afischer211 Such issues are usually due to poor browser detection by a web site.

  • FWIW, since the 1.14 Stable series, some of my extensions are behaving peculiarly. User-agent-switching extensions don't work at all to actually change the user agent, though the extensions themselves indicate they have changed the UA (both for UserAgentSwitcher and URL Sniffer). ScriptSafe behaves oddly sometimes when trying to disable it from its extension-bar icon (it cuts off all the text below its 1st line of extension options for sites having many scripts, blocking ability to disable it from the icon while on that page). Click&Clean no longer allows any selection of options from its panel when selected from the extension bar icon. These problems existed some months ago, but were cleared up and things fully worked in 1.13 Stable; the problems returned after the 1.14 series of updates.

  • @blackbird This sounds like my problems with the extensions for Evenote and Pocket. But what can I do for resolving the problem?

  • @afischer211 said in Problems with some extensions (Evernote, Pocket):

    @blackbird T... But what can I do for resolving the problem?

    I think what a given user has to do depends on their browsing configuration "needs" and tolerance levels. In my case, I can live with the issues until a future Stable update fixes them... for sites that require a non-Vivaldi user-agent-string, I use a different browser; when ScriptSafe cuts off the text and blocks disabling it when I need to, I click on my HTML homepage, disable SS, and jump back to the sought page; with Click&Clean, I don't tweak the options that often, so I simply live without them for now. In a worst case, one could always install Vivaldi's 1.13 version, either replacing the current v1.14 or beside it as a stand-alone version... though that risks exposure to emerging Spectre/Meltdown exploits. Alternatively, one could try Developmental versions in hopes that the fixes arrive there soon (and they will arrive there before they arrive at the Stable channel).

  • I came here today looking for a solution to my Pocket problem. I have the same problem as the OP - the pages save but I can't enter strings into its dialog boxes. I am pretty sure that I was previously able to do so in Vivaldi. I have gone through and disabled other addons with no change.

    Today I discovered a new issue: if I try to login to the Pocket website in Vivaldi (getpocket dot com), the tab crashes, every time. All other tabs stay open. I am able to log in to my pocket account via the extension; this is an issue with the website.

    Does this happen to anyone else? Could it be connected to the extension problem or is it a separate thing?

    Windows 10, Vivaldi 1.14.1077.55 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

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