[1.15.1104.3] weird tab spacing when open Vivaldi

  • so I got this weird bug
    as you can see above there's tab space above it. Btw this window is in maximize.
    don't let this one fool you
    Don't let that icon above fool you, it is in maximize window.

    I also already checked remove tab spacing.
    alt text

    In order to make this check work all I need to do is just minimize then maximize it again or click the maximize icon. It's really weird. Actually this problem has been occured since Vivaldi 1.14 stable first released. Even until now I still encounter it.

  • @nearbaskara Just note, window is not maximized, it just takes whole screen size. If the window would have border, you would be able to see it. That's why you see so big space above tabs. If you do correct maximize, the space will be smaller, but still too big for my taste. I lowered the size in my custom.css to 1px. Same goes for space in second arrow on your screen. And thats the second proof that the window is not maximized. It is the standard behaviour of Windows window management, that space beneath three buttons are bigger when window is not maximized, when you maximize it, the space will get smaller. Try that with Windows Explorer for example.

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    It s a well-known bug that has been reported many times.

    Press F11 twice to fix it.

  • @pesala thanks for the advice.

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    @nearbaskara But as i see in your screenshot you Vivaldi window is not maximized but only resized to full-height.
    You need maximized window to get the tabs space removed.

  • @gwen-dragon said in [1.15.1104.3] weird tab spacing when open Vivaldi:

    ace removed.

    no, it's actually maximized.
    in 1.13, when you close vivaldi in maximized mode and you open it again, it would still in maximized. However, in 1.14 ver above I need to click this icon twice to make it maximize it again to disable the tab spacing. I'm 100% sure it's a bug since I already compared it with my 1.13 Vivaldi.

  • @nearbaskara This is definitely a bug. I think it was supposed to be fixed, but in fact it very much is not fixed and I experience it as well.


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