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  • I wanted to zoom out youtube from 100% to 90% but every time I get back to youtube it gets back to 100%. Is there a way to set 90% zoom to be default for just that site?

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    I thought it was possible to set zoom per site. It's a global settings.

    Alp+P >> Appearance >> Enable "Use Buttons in Range Controls" makes easier to change the zoom on the Status Bar.

  • Yes, I know about that. But that takes effect only when that site is open, the moment I close it zoom gets back to 100% and every time I open it again I have to set it back to 90%..

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    Same happens to me on Forum, I have to set zoom to 90% everything. Ckeck Feature Requests.

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    • My default web page zoom is 120% but my YouTube speed dial was opening at 110%
    • I deleted my speed dial bookmark and removed it from trash
    • I set the page zoom to 130% on the YouTube home page, and bookmarked it again.
    • Now my speed dial bookmark opens YouTube at 130%

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    Could not repro.

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