Vivaldi freezes while opening it, takes several minutes to respond normally

  • (First of all, excuse my poor use of english)

    Since last week, i cant properly browse on the internet. Every time I try to open a browser (I only have Vivaldi or Chrome), it freezes during ~10 min. Its following a weird pattern: the first tab acts normally, but if i try to open a second one and exit the main page, rip.

    I tried netch> winsock reset and reseting the computer, didnt work.

    I've noticed that, if i open Incognito Mode i can browse normally whitout the freeze. I supposed it was just a weird cookie crashing the browsers, but... nope. I deleted History* for both Chrome and Vivaldi and theyre still acting weird.

    Any ideas?

    Im using Windows7 64-bits, Vivaldi worked properly before.

    *Edit: Including everything (history, downloads, Cookies, Cache, etc).

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    @yahlunna What happens if you refresh your profile?

  • Vivlaldi is working again, thank you very much!
    I will note the trick for the future.


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