Add a nice calendar

  • I wish for a calendar in vivaldi, which can be imported, exported and preferably also synced (nextcloud, gmail, whatever else there is).

    There are already both a URI dedicated for calendars [1] and keyboard settings to import and export calendars [2] in vivaldi, with just the problem that [1] does not show anything and [2] (at least the import functionality) does not work.

    I have searched a bit on the forums and I did not see any mention of a working calendar, so I guess that this is not just a bug for me but just a feature that is not implemented yet, although planned somehow.
    I would really like to see this happen.

    [1] vivaldi://calendar/
    [2] vivaldi://settings/keyboard/

  • Moderator

    @jumpsq Your request is already in the works.

  • Community Manager

    @jumpsq thanks for reaching out about your request.
    Quick follow up on our side: we're currently testing a open source solution that will help you synchronize your calendar. We'll update you as soon as we're ready.

    vivaldi://calendar/is also in the process of being built. 🙂

    Thanks for being patient with us. 🙏

  • @gaelle vivaldi://calendar made crash the UI rendering (stuck on splash screen) on latest snap.
    Removing Current Tabs and Current Session from User Data restore the UI access.


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