Snapshots for every bookmark?

  • I'm on the latest snapshot in Linux. I've noticed in the bookmarks manager that all my recently created bookmarks have thumbnail snapshots attached to them. Why on earth would this be a good thing, and wouldn't it create an enormous data file for vivaldi to drag around? I see no way to turn it off.

  • @paul1149 said in Snapshots for every bookmark?:

    Why on earth would this be a good thing

    Agree, it's not good at all.

    It's bleedin' magnificent!! This is not a new feature in V, but IMO it's simply another brilliant instance of attention to detail, & usability, that makes me love V all the more.

    Tis sad that it upsets you Paul.

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    @paul1149 It's an ability built in to Chromium, and the ability to have Speed Dial thumbnails piggybacks off it at this time. Developers have not gotten down into the weeds to see if it could be turned off for bookmarks which are not in Speed Dial - which is, after all, just a Bookmarks folder. In a case like mine, where all of my bookmarks are in my Speed Dial, I'd have to turn if off altogether to save any space, and have no thumbs in Speed Dial. (These thumbs don't take up much space, BTW.) I can tell you this - they are not duplicative. There is just one repository for bookmark thumbs.

  • @ayespy Thanks for the explanation. Never noticed it before. Honestly, still consider it a waste of space.



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