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    @VENIX After I sign in to one account, I click on the avatar for that account (right side top of page) and accept the invitation to "add another account." That opens a new tab with an OAuth dialog, where I can sign in to whatever other account I would like to.

    Here's 3 gmail account tabs stacked with each other.


  • @ryofurue The website gives a vague presentation of how it does what it does. The whole "it is magic" presentation they imply, specially for an extension that will sit in my browser and have access to my browsing sessions is something I do not welcome.

    Reading the privacy policy, it looks like one needs an account to use the extension? Why!?
    We just need containers to handle cookies for multi-sessions and options to set domains to use and always open on the containers we set. There is no need to phone home nor anything of the like.

    The best solution for the matter at hand is something built in-house by the team that builds and maintains the browser. Something 100% local.

  • @Ayespy Ah, you use Googles own solution to multi-accounts loggins.

    This is not what I and others here seek and hope to one day see built into Vivaldi.

    We seek multi-cookie containers support which allow to handle multi-sessions each with their own cookies container. This keeps the cookies of the website(s) you open inside said containers contained and unable to see what other websites one has open on the browser. This is due to the handling of 1st party cookies by the browser which all tabs have access to. One container for all tabs thus all websites have access to all cookies.

  • @Ayespy said in Multi-Account Containers:

    @ryofurue It doesn't sound as though it addressed anything on this thread.

    And I have always had multiple GMail tabs for different accounts open at the same time. No extension or multi-account container required.

    I see! I confirm what you have said.

    I sent an email message containing a URL of Google search to each of my Gmail accounts. (The URL doesn't contain any information other than the search word: )

    If the Google accounts are compartmentalized ("contained"), clicking on the URL will send me to different Google accounts.

    No. On my Gmail account A, the URL sent me to a Google search with account A. On my Gmail account B, the URL still sent me to account A.

    Sigh. So, I still have to use multiple Profiles to compartmentalize the cookies.

  • Not sure about SessionBox, there were a lot of negative reviews last year and no reviews since.

    Opera Workspaces isn't the answer, this is the definition:

    Workspaces give you the opportunity to manage tabs for pages related to various topics, e.g. work, planning holidays, shopping. You can keep tabs related to your chosen topic in one workspace and not be distracted by tabs related to another one. Think of workspaces as pockets for tabs – you can keep them empty, or you can fill them.

    I'm going to look at Brave and see if they have figured this out -- even though I'm po'd at them because of all their crypto ads!

    I hope that Vivaldi can figure out how to to do Firefox containers at some point in the future ... looks like I have no other solution: my FB is so much more private ever since i started using Containers in FF last year!

  • @JohnConnorBear That's correct. It is somewhat surprising the amount of information a browser willingly present to a website. I say "surprising" because the list grows as technology advances. Thankfully for the majority, all major browser have some form of built-in ad/tracker protection which reduces the malicious/unnecessary sites/services connection to your browser.

    Containers is but one solid step on the right direction which happen to add some very nice features to the browser experience. Hopefully, Compartmentalizing cookies and website data per domain should become a universal feature.

    With that said, JavaScript is the real culprit when it comes to tracking. Sadly the best we can do is block it. Thankfully we have some solid extension like NoScript, uBlock or uMatrix.

    One must be willing to do the work. When it comes down to it, Privacy and security are a lifestyle.

  • This has been requested since 2018 and no one from Vivaldi it seems has given attention to it. Having used the facebook container in firefox and for other apps, I just no longer feel safe using Vivaldi any longer, even though I really cant get along with firefox.
    I humbly request you to add this feature so I will continue to use vivaldi with peace of mind.

  • I was amazed when I found Vivaldi, a browser that supports window tiling in one window. Found out that my most used extension 'Multi Containers' on Firefox I did not find an equivalent for Vivaldi. The tiling is an extremely nice feature but for me it's kinda useless without a multi containers equivalent. Hope it will get implemented in the future then I'll switch to Vivaldi, but now I'm sticking with Firefox. Very nice browser though, so add me to the list of those who requests it 🙂

  • @LonM
    Wasn't this request created already, so I can upvote it?

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    @emvaized this request had not been implemented yet. If you would like to vote for it, do so on the post at the top of the first page. 👍

  • This post is deleted!

  • Ghost browser appears to have this functionality and is Chromium-based.
    I'd love to see this in in Vivaldi.

    I've been a long time Vivaldi user, trying to at least keep facebook in its own container via profiles. That got way too messy with multiple windows.

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    @brandonkal I fully agree with you. The multi-login feature in Ghostbrowser is fantastic and an essential part of the browser itself. I would also love to have this in Vivaldi. It would make a lot of sense and brings it one step closer to the perfect "power-user" browser. I need this every single day for my job as a software solution architect. At the moment I am using the "SessionBox" chrome plugin...but it feels not good...not native. It work's very good but I am not a fan of browser-plugins at all because of security and privacy concerns. This is one of my most requested feature since I am a Vivaldi user. I have got a statement from the development team that this is currently not on the roadmap...and maybe never will...because it seems to be difficult and time-consuming to implement. But this is such an incredible thing to have. From my point of view: I use the SessionBox plugin every single day and this is one of the last 3 plugins I could drop. I think a lot of users would also benefit from this. Any idea, how to increase the relevance for this request? I mention this whenever I communicate...but of no avail. I think this is way more than "nice to have"!

  • This feature is absolutely important for those people who still mainly use Firefox and want to switch to a Chromium-based browser. However, because this feature is nearly Firefox-only, they(include me) don't switch browsers yet.

    As a result, I've hard to recommend friends and other people to use Vivaldi because this feature is unavailable on almost all Chromium-based browsers.

    Multi-Account Containers in Firefox is not just a light-weight isolated session environment but can also use for tab management(see also:Simple Tab Groups – Firefox).

    I love Vivaldi, if let me list the top-3 browsers l liked, the order is: Vivaldi, Firefox, and Edge(Chromium-based). So even Vivaldi have so many features I liked, I have to use Firefox because the container feature is too useful for me.

    If Vivaldi finally implements this feature, I promise I can let over hundreds of people who use Chrome/Edge/Firefox know how Vivaldi a perfect browser as it.

  • @Martin-Storch said in Multi-Account Containers:

    A web browser should keep the data in each tab separate from other tabs in general - like a sandbox. And only allow communication between tabs on request and with the users permission.

    Or is that the case already (in Vivaldi/Chrome)? How many information can a website sniff out form another website in a different tab in that same browser?

    A bit late to the party, but what you are suggesting I like a whole lot better, which is basically automatic containers unless one specifies to have 2 or more tabs share their data. This would certainly put Vivaldi a head of the game where containers are concerned.

  • For me having this great feature request implemented is as important as having the true portability implemented (wanna-have priority №1).

  • I switched from Firefox to Vivaldi... most of the time.

    The one thing that I still use Firefox for is "Containers". The Firefox implementation is awesome and combined with it's Facebook (don't track me around the web) feature is one of the things that makes firefox the no.1 choice for many people.

    I would absolutely love to see these built into Vivaldi. This would be at the top of my list for features wanted in Vivaldi.

  • Peppermint Linux made an application for their operating system Called ICE, that creates SSB's (Site Specific Browser instances). This application does more that what I am a going to mention here, but one of the functions is to create containerised browser sessions.


    For the purpose of this thread, this isn't as convenient as having Containers built into the browser. Though they built it for a slightly different purpose, which it does very well.

    Side Note for Linux users: I believe that ICE can be installed on other Ubuntu based distributions. I also know that Linux Mint are also working on their own implementation of this called their "WebApp Manager" which also works wit Vivaldi and can isolate the browser session.

  • @ardhill nice I'll def have a look. Thanks

  • I think containers are a very cool thing, but also quite complex, Vivaldi can start from a private tab ( ) - it's probably easier to do, but this function partially replaces containers.

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