Multi-Account Containers

  • Is there any sign Vivaldi are currently working on this? I would absolutely love to have this

  • @keeganwitt
    I've wondered if Opera starting this feature (they call them workspaces and they're not very feature rich yet) would get this feature prioritized.

    I don't know if they plan on changing how this works, but, at the moment, Opera Workspaces are nothing like Firefox containers. They're more like what is now called "tab groups". They visually show/hide groups of tabs, but they're not isolated in any way. Just wanted to share update on that. Sorry for any confusion.

  • @Dancer18 I couldn't get SessionBox to work with Vivaldi. Google, for example, refused to open up a tab under a different login.

    This capability would make Vivaldi a near-perfect browser.

  • @Technodawg
    Sorry I can't help you further bc I haven't multiple accounts somewhere.

    Maybe there are some others here to get you work it.

  • @Priest72 said in Multi-Account Containers:

    Firefox is quite an old browser and i don't quite understand what or how containers work..i have not looked into containers very much but i am assuming that cookies..passwords etc are contained within a this how that works...?....Why not use cookie autodelete or something similar or have i got the wrong end of the stick.
    i could never understand the fuss with containers and why would firefox suddenly need it considering it did without it for so long.

    Firefox's extension engine may still have some issues but make no mistake Mozilla does keep Firefox up to date with the saltest technology and privacy features INCLUDING containers. Migfht want to check the facts before posting.

    Now that said SessionBox which @Dancer18 mentioned is a good choice for Vivaldi while we wait to see if the dev do incorporate native container support.

  • Please add this as part of guest mode, coz now first mode is the same as incognito.

  • I think this feature can be added like a profile manager evolution.

    Nowadays the profile manager feels outdated, compared to the performance that Firefox carries with regard to handling containers.

  • Just another voice to say a) I'm so glad to have found Vivaldi and love the privacy and accessibility features built in, but b) won't and can't switch until this is implemented. Longing to swap off Firefox (for the most part), but this is a dealbreaker.

  • @charmarkk I never had a browser that worked in all situations. I had to deal with at least 2 different browsers parallel.

    I guess that isn't possible for you bc multi-account-containers are essential for you?

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