Thank You Vivaldi

  • I work in IT for local government and because of all the various web applications we use, we are constantly switching between browsers, figuring out which browser works with which application. It can be a nightmare.

    I downloaded Vivaldi last week and have been using it as my sole web browser at the office (Windows) and at home (Linux) and I have yet to find a site or application which does not work 100%. Keep up the amazing work. After a few more weeks of testing, I believe we will consider pushing this out to all our staff as the default browser to use.

    Excited for an Android version!

    Keep up the amazing work.

  • Did I get you correctly, you see chances a (local) government might adopt Vivaldi as main browser?

    That would be awesome news! I wish... nevermind 🙂

  • I will be sure to post if we do.


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