Panels in Windows or Tabs?

  • It would be great to have all panels either in tabs, or better still, separate dialogs (like settings)

    Mod Edit: Edited to Clarify and removed broken link.

  • Just to add some detail to this request, of the 5 panels we currently have:

    • Bookmarks & History are part of the start page and can be accessed "fullscreen" in a tab, or you could drag them out to their own window. (Though you apparently can't link to them directly, as that points to chromium's implementation)

    • Downloads are not available vivaldi-native but you can get the same tab or window access via. chromium's implementation

    • Neither the Notes nor the Window panel are currently accessible anywhere other than the panel.

  • Moderator

    • Notes in a Tab would be worth having for those who keep long notes.
    • Window Panel in a Tab would be pointless
    • The Downloads Panel in a Tab is also not much use. Vivaldi://downloads can be used, but it is less convenient than the Downloads Panel
    • The Mail Panel will probably be much better in a Tab, when it comes. The Contacts Panel would be less useful as a Tab.
    • Any user added web panel can already be opened in a Tab


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