Still No 'Built-In' Option For Bookmark Sorting ?

  • Hi,
    I recently decided to try the vivaldi browser for windows once again, it's been some time since I've tried this browser. I'm running windows 10 pro 64-bit version on this computer..I really thought by now that the developer's of this browser would have implemented an option such as this by now.I'm still using google chrome as my main browser ( at least for now ), at least on their bookmark manager, it's so easy to perform a sort bookmarks feature.

  • @davy49 Yeah, no true alphabetical sorting, you just can display them sorted. You have to use an extension for this functionality. Just install one, use and disable, enable when you need it again.

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    @davy49 Vote for the feature request True Alphabetical Bookmarks Sorting

    Sorting by using the drop list in bookmarks is good enough for me. I drag and drop bookmarks to sort them as I prefer manual sorting to organise them the way that I find most useful.

    0_1519138493927_Sort Bookmarks.png

    There's currently about 500 feature requests and the Vivaldi team is small.

  • Hi luetage,
    Thanks for your 'honest' reply, is there a extension that you would feel comfortable recommending to me to try ? I'm already using the ' Neater Bookmarks ' extension, but I don't think it offers any sorting abilities .

  • @davy49 You got me there. I'm currently not using any. I just looked at the store, but I can't remember which one I was using. All sorting extensions I tried don't work. Could be Vivaldi changed something... The worst case scenario would be exporting your bookmarks to HTML, importing them into another browser, sorting them alphabetically there, exporting to HTML, importing to Vivaldi 😕

    Maybe I used to do this? I'm importing my bookmarks to Opera, because I use Opera on Android and sync from desktop to mobile Opera. Vivaldi really needs an Android browser, sigh -.-

  • Hi All,
    Thanks for all of the replies, of course when I installed vivaldi once again, I imported my google chrome bookmarks which were sorted. The most important fact to remember is that the group that develops this browser is a user has to be patient for changes to occur. To be honest, right now I feel like I might of been too hasty to even bring this sorting of our bookmarks up..this in fact can be done, just not in a quick fashion. I just went into my bookmark folder and added a new folder simply titled 'bookmarks', then I just cut & pasted the folder's I wanted in that new folder, and then I used one of the sort by option's that was offered to me..I used the ' Sort By Title ' option, at least now I basically have my bookmarks in a 'usable' order.


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