Headphones Volume Control

  • Hi guys!

    Is there the possibility to know if the Vivaldi user is using headphones instead of speakers?

    I'd like to have a functionality as per smartphones. If you are using headphones, the audio volume maximum level , is limited. A kind of ear saver...

    Is this a simple or hard task for developers?

    Thank you

  • @emiliano-paladini In smartphones your browser doesn't have this functionality either. If you are running your speakers and your headphones from the same audio output, there is probably no solution. Don't forget that on your smartphone the difference is between built in speakers and built in headphone jack, if you would run speakers through your audio-out (headphone jack), you would face the same problem.

  • This seems like it is more of an operating-system level request. It works on the assumption that there are already per-tab audio levels in the chromium engine, which there is not.

    Not a bad request, by any means, but I feel it would only make sense after a tab audio mixer were implemented.

  • @lonm Yeah, I thought it's an operating system level request, but it really isn't. Operating systems already do this.

    E.g.: You are listening to music through your laptop speakers on full volume, when you put in your headphones, the volume will switch to the last user-defined volume level on this output, the same if you unplug your headphones.

    The same happens on smartphones, just with a different implementation. Point is as long as you are using the normal audio jack, the operating system has no idea what is plugged in in the first place.

    If you really want control, then using a dedicated DAC would be your best option.


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