"Open With" in Download Manager

  • Please give us an option to have an "Open With" context menu in the Download Manager. Sometimes I'd like to launch my downloads not necessarily with the default application and this would be a useful feature to have. Currently, I end up having to go to my Downloads folder and then having to use the native OS context menu in the file manager and use the "Open With" feature of the file manager. This would eliminate that step.


  • Moderator

    @ahhalai Are you asking for Support for MIME Types?

  • Not exactly. Let's say I download a *.jpg file from somewhere. I want to open it in Photoshop or GIMP versus my default Image viewer. So double clicking on the file would open it in the default application/viewer, my request is that if I right click on the file it gives me an "Open With" dialog which lists common apps that can handle that file.

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