Split Screen

  • Sometimes I'd like to watch YouTube and read some page or check email on web. Then I need to launch another Vivaldi. Can we have ability to have 2 windows side-by-side?

    Let's say on the left I could check some web page and on right see some another web page. Or let my son watch cartoons on YouTube while I am reading news on right sub-window. Would be fantastic!

    Why not to have such feature in Vivaldi - best browser in the world?

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    @qwer0 Sounds like you are talking about page tiling, which is a feature of Vivaldi.

  • something I missed :/ Need to check..

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    @qwer0 Select any stack of tabs, or any two (or more) tabs, click on the little empty frame near the right end of the status bar, and select what pattern you would like them tiled in.

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    @qwer0 Another solution is to get a second monitor and let your son watch cartoons fullscreen on the secondary monitor while you work on the primary monitor.

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