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  • I have a lot of tabs on right edge opened but I'd like to mark some of them as important - for example right click of mouse on the tab and check "mark as important" and on this tab could appear " ! " or star on the left.
    The I could easily find important tab. Now it takes some time.

    So when we can have a lot of tab open - it is very good!
    But let's make some of them distinguished :)

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    @qwer0 Currently, you could simply pin the tabs. Set a shortcut in Settings, Keyboard, Tabs to make it quicker to pin and unpin tabs.

    Pinning tabs also prevents them from being closed, which I assume is very useful for important tabs.

  • @pesala its not about closing - Im not closing tabs so easily ;) Therefore when Im having a lot of tabs opened for few months - I'd like to have 2-3 of them looking a bit different to easily find it among 50 others

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    @qwer0 Pinned tabs do look different to others. They collapse and move to the left of the tab bar.

    0_1519115215830_Pinned Tabs.png

  • @Pesala - my wish was to see tab in its place, not moved or collapsed. Just marked and looking differently. Easy to find among others. Not moved because when I find this one, there may be other in next place related to this one so I can do something faster.

  • An integrated solution into the tab bar may be to play with the tab width, precisely the shrinkness coefficient of the tab. I suggested an automatic solution that could be forced manually also finaly.
    This solution runs only when the tabs are streched, but this is when they are a lot that one become difficult to find among all the others tabs.

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