How Vivaldi Tab Browsing Improve My Productivity

  • Vivaldi impressed me with its ability to display web pages that I opened in a neat tabular arrangement. This is called tiled tab browsing. I like this because I can see several web pages at once without having to bother moving tabs to do my activities.

    And what makes this feature so cool is ... I can still use my web panel to view and use even more web pages at once.

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    By applying tab browsing, I don't have to worry about closing web pages that I'm using by accident because everything is arranged neatly in the web tabs that I built before. I do have a habit of closing the web tabs to conserve on RAM, and oftentimes this habit results in the page I'm reading closed.

    Let's check the video of how I use tab browsing below:

    You can see how easy and useful tab browsing is when applied (correctly*).

    The Hotkeys are:

    • For tiling the tabs in a grid view. Cmd F7
    • For tiling the tabs horizontally Cmd F8.
    • For tiling the tabs verticallyCmd F9.
    • For untiling the tabs Cmd F6.

    As I've mentioned above, we can still make use of the web panels (Cmd+Opt+P) while using the tabs, and it increases our productivity even more.

    Why Do I Need It

    I have a habit of computing that I always do every day, namely:
    Opening Chrome, then opening these following pages:

    My blog, Google Translate, Google Trends, AdWords, AdSense and Gmail. And that's just the "most use" I mentioned, not to mention a few other pages.

    Of course, I've done efficiency by making Chrome automatically open those pages as you can read "the how-to" here.

    But then I imagined how cool if I actually can see all those pages at once, is not it?

    Get to know more about Vivaldi on their forum.

    *sometimes the tabs won't refresh itself when we grouped too many tabs at once.


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