Website login is impossible on Vivaldi

  • A pornographic site "redtube" will not allow you to login using Vivaldi and in fact many browsers are now struggling to login. Opera Developer stands no chance and at one time Vivaldi would log in but now it doesn't. Vivaldi will sometimes seem as if its going to work but then fails. MXnitro could log-in but that has been failing of late and the only reliable browser to log-in is Palemoon. I couldn't log-in even with PCXFireFox. I've found Slimjet will allow you to log-in

  • :woohoo: unhived, I don't know if you are serious or not about you, but I just logged into the site on both Vivaldi x32 and Opera 12.17 x32. (Now I am going to go in and clean out my history in both browsers ;) )

    I am running Win 7 x64 on a home built AMD computer. I am not sure what problem you are hitting but it isn't being duplicated on my machine.

  • I'm using Windows 8.1 and of course I can view the website but trying to log in doesn't work at most I might get a blank pull down but no boxes to log in. As I said this site has been a pain on many browsers and right now only my Slimjet and Palemoon will login. Opera Developer doesn't attempt to do anything when you click log-in. Even Maxthon 4 has had problems must be bad site coding but I think the site is getting hacked a lot of late.

  • I've had a problem logging into Grooveshark. It asks if I want to login with Google+ or Twitter. I choose Google+; it spawns a new tab which informs me that Grooveshark would like to have offline access. I click "accept" and then I am never logged on.


  • yes you´re right we can´t log in in redtube, we must do a bug report DO it if of you didn´t do it.

  • Hmm. Vivaldi can no longer log in; Opera Dev can't log in; MXnitro can't reliably log in ; PCXFireFox can't log in. At what point does one begin to question the site's coding methods?

  • I've found that LAWLIETFOX logs in just like Palemoon and Slimjet

    No other browser so far seems to log into Redtube so as I said before maybe its bad coding of the website. People with profiles on the site can no longer view them so something is going badly wrong with the site these days.

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    Sorry, not to be mean, but even HAVING a login at RedTube just strikes me as somehow, unutterably…sad. Again, so sorry...

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