Show Selected Search Engine Icon in the Search Field

  • Show selected Search engine icon in the Search field.

  • yes, this would be nice. Currently, one has to click on the search bar menu to see what is selected. Actually there is a text title inside the search field indicating the current search engine, but it is too dim and hard to read. An icon would be great because it is easy to recognize from a distance.

  • YES PLEASE! Even better, I remember Firefox has a switch selector in the past after hitting search. Its annoying having to switch search engines there. Why not let us select the one with the shortcut keyboard that is assigned to the search engine already?

    Example, if you have D for duckduckgo and Google is selected, when you put the cursor on the search field and click D, it should automatically switch to that choice.

  • I vote for this! Let's make selected search engine more visual.

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  • Please give user a chance.
    User want to use browser for searching.
    User want search on many search engines.
    User don't want search on address bar, because user don't want re-type the same phrase/sentence. And user want to see which phrase/sentence typed to search (it is on search bar, not on address bar).

    When there is any text on search bar, the name of search engine which selected will disappear.
    If there is not search engine icon on search bar, user can not know which is selected to decide to press Enter/Alt+Enter.

    Please give user a chance.
    Thank you!

  • Absolutely. I also think search engine should (optionally?) reset to default on new tab. At least for me searching with special engines is one time (one tab) thing.

  • To add to this, it would be good if you could set a custom icon based on another website, or even completely custom.

    When working in Unity, I tend to look things up quite frequently using Google. So it would be great if I could use google as the search engine, with Unity as the prefix (which is already possible in Vivaldi) and then use Unity's website's icon.

    Or if you're playing a game and look up a lot of guides on YouTube, it would be nice to use YouTube for searching with the games icon.

    And as a bonus it would be great if you could set the default phrase that appears when clicking on the search field using a specific search engine. That way I could set the phrase to "Unity " and that way I would know instantly that I'm going to be searching for unity, and I didn't accidentally use a different one.

  • +1
    The icon of the current search engine in the search bar.


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