How to adjust Vivaldi menu icon height?

  • Today I removed the annoying empty line over the tabs by adding some lines to my custom.css. Now my tabs "touch" the top of the screen and I'm happy like there's no tomorrow. Well, I'd be happier if I could adjust the position of the Vivaldi menu icon. I guess you can understand the matter by watching this screen:


    The icon in the top-left corner is not centred and, since I'm not a CSS expert, I don't know how to solve this issue. I hope an angel (or a user) will come and save me. I can pay with funny alpaca gifs everyone could easily find on the internet.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • If you use the option to remove spacing in the settings panel, you shouldn't have that problem.

    To adjust the v-menu button you can use this with a negative value that suits you

    .vivaldi {
        top: -3px !important;

  • Can't help you, don't have a Vivaldi icon in the tab bar on os x. I'm just here for the Alpaca pics -- bring it ^^

    And just as a side note: The space above tabs serves a purpose, if you stack tabs the space is used to display small tab buttons that let you switch between tabs in a stack.

  • @sjudenim Well, I don't know if I love because you solved my problem, or if I hate you because you made me realize that I'm a dumbass 😃
    It's pretty embarassing but I didn't see that option XD. Anyway, thank you, sjudenim.
    @luetage Here's a cute alpaca laying with two adorable cats:
    alt text
    They are the stars of the internet, aren't they?

  • @holotaco def

  • @luetage Oh, I forgot the side note: I know the purpose of the line but I don't use that feature, it's not that comfortable for me. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion 😃


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