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    The changing themes with Scheduled themes feature is good, but there should be total Night Mode that will reduce eye strain during night time using the browser.

    Control options:

    • Keyboard shortcut/Quick Command to toggle
    • Setting to control timing
    • Use geo-location to automatically change themes, turn on/off night mode

  • (more or less) duplicate with

    also try flux for systemwide gentle "eye-working"

  • I second the recommendation for f.lux. It is much better to handle this system wide than on a per application basis.

  • I don't think this is an issue that should be addressed by the browser itself but by the OS or a dedicated app so the blue light filter is universal across the system, not just when the browser is running.

    The are apps that do this, as already mentioned. If you are a WIN10 user, this feature is already built into the system. It is called "Night Light" It features an schedule & the ability to set the color temp.

    I think apple has implemented something similar too.

  • @venix Or use f.lux that work on both systems (and is better).

  • It would be great to have this built in. I use the Dark Reader extension which works amazingly to smartly invert content: it has shortcut, quick toggle, whitelist and blacklists, and several tweaks. Unfortunately can't set it to auto change on schedule. Similar functionality built in would be extremely good to minimize dependence on extensions.

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