Cannot get AllFour to work on Vivaldi

  • It seems impossible to get AllFour to work on Vivaldi.
    First of all it said the Flashplayer was out of date so I updated despite it had already updated the previous day. Then the item I wanted to watch refused to play as it said that the ad blocker was stopping it but when I rightclicked on the add blocker to allow the programme to play it, nothing comes up which lets me play the video.
    Any ideas on why I cannot get Allfour to play and as why I can't get the addblockeer to recognise the Allfour website,
    I am UK based running Window 10 and I am no computer know it all.

  • @joamie said in Cannot get AllFour to work on Vivaldi:

    As long as you are referring to it seems that you need to be registered to view the shows!?

    Does the video on (Viewer Promise) play for you or do you still get the Ad Blocker warning?

    Also have a look at

  • Thank you but following further investigation it appears that my 'Brand New' laptop did in fact have a previous owner who embedded something that escaped the notice of the supplier. It has now been removed along with a couple of other items which I was unaware of and I can now play whatever I want from all sites I visit. The question of compensation regarding my supposed Brand New device is currently under negotiation..
    Thanks to all who looked and to the one reply but I now consider the matter closed. As they say Buyer Beware.

  • @joamie Ouch!! Hope you get it all sorted out.

  • @joamie What means "they embedded something"? If you are buying second hand hardware you should always completely erase and setup anew. Anything less is negligent.

  • @luetage I believe he is saying that he was told it was a new computer when buying, but now it turns out it was second-hand (and incorrectly erased by merchant). Hence the mention of compensation.

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