Vivaldi sometimes visually closes itself when another window is given focus.

  • I'm not entirely sure how to describe this bug, so please bear with me. When browsing with Vivaldi, if I switch to another program's window, the Vivaldi window sometimes closes - leaving me to have to end the process from task manager and restart the browser. It seems to happen most often when I'm on Hulu watching absolutely anything. I want to be clear about this bug: I am not closing the window manually, and I do not want to close the window: it closes itself, as if crashing. But the browser is still open, and in fact audio still plays and I have to end the process before I can open it again. This has been happening since I first downloaded Vivaldi in the first tech preview, and I was hoping that it would be common enough for it to eventually be fixed without me having to attempt describing it, but it's gotten so annoying to me now that I'm willing to try. Here's hoping someone else has experienced this so that they may draw more light on what I'm trying to say.

  • Tiamarth - I have tried to duplicate your Vivaldi crash, but I am unable to do so. I don't subscribe to Hulu, so I wasn't able to load it. But I currently I have Vivaldi x32 loaded with 11 tabs open, Opera 12.17 x32 with 22 tabs open, Outlook 2010, Spider Solitaire, xplorer2 x64, Nitro Pro 9 x64, WordPerfect X6 x64, Quicken Deluxe 2013 and Windows Control Panel. I am bouncing between all of them.

    All of these programs are open and active on my home built AMD machine running Win 7 x64. I loaded You Tube with video and music and all is working good. I have 16 gb of ram and right now me memory usage is only 30%.

    It might be that Hulu is the culprit. I have had some crashes with Vivaldi in the past, but that about three or so releases back. I also ran into some problems with Vivaldi x64 and the performance difference between x32 and x64 was not worth the hassle to me.

    What is your OS and what version of Vivaldi are you using? Maybe someone here uses Hulu and might be able to help.

  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, Vivaldi 32 bit.

    I appreciate you taking the time to reply, but I don't think that it's an issue with Hulu, as it doesn't only happen when I'm on that website. I'd imagine I've experience it there most often because I've been marathon-watching Cheers the last couple of days, and thus spending a lot of time there. It's also happened on Youtube and Bing - on that note, it's possible that Flash player is the problem. I'll update it, see if that makes any difference.

    Edit: It makes no difference.

  • @Tiamarth:

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, Vivaldi 32 bit.

    I was also wondering about how much RAM you have. Based on limited experience with Vivaldi so far, I've had a few crashes that I suspect (?) may be attributable to using Vivaldi near the limits of the system I'm using to try it out (32-bit Win7 Pro with only 2GB RAM and lots of other programs open). IIRC a couple of those occurred upon switching to another program's window, but AFAICR all the Vivaldi processes closed upon the crash.

    At any rate, I don't think intensive Vivaldi use (the way I use Olde Opera, with 20-80 open tabs) is going to be feasible on this particular system.

    BTW, with the audio continuing after the crash, Flash Player seems like a good thing to check. There were often reports in the MyOpera forums of audio continuing after YouTube tabs were closed or Opera had crashed, and many of these seemed to be resolved by Flash Player updates. So I hope you'll post back with your results on that.

  • I have 4 GB of RAM. My system isn't exactly sluggish. Not the greatest, but not the worst.

    I did update Flash already, and it has made no difference. But I don't remember ever having this issue with Opera.

  • Thanks for checking back. I think probably Vivaldi would function much better with 4GB RAM on my system, but it's a 2010 Dell laptop with a dead screen (plugged into an external monitor) I mostly use for testing things out and tinkering around on. It has two RAM slots with two 1GB chips and is worth less than the two 2GB DDR2 chips I'd have to buy to upgrade to its max 4GB.

    Sorry I don't have any other ideas, but at least now you can rule out a couple more things.

  • Thank you for your interest, but I really think this is just a bug with the browser that will need to be fixed. I've been watching task manager to see if anything jumped when Vivaldi does this, but there are no abnormalities. I reported it using the bug wizard before I created this thread earlier today, and I'm now just hoping the devs will figure out what the issue is and fix it in a future release. Though, hopefully not that far in the future 😉


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