'Go to top' and 'Go to end' on Right-click Menu

  • Perhaps it's an idea to incorporate 'Go to top' and 'Go to bottom' or 'Go to end' in the right click menu, which probably is useful for people that visit sites with long pages.

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  • @isocult Why not.

    But It may be better to vote for a more generic feature such as this one. (ie generic edition of context menu, not specific to "go to top/bottom")

    And by the way, it is already possible to assign these 2 actions to any mouse gesture if you want... I find this even more useful than right click menu ;)

  • There's also a Scroll To Top extension that works great.

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    I definitely recommend adding mouse gestures for this. I use GestureDown and GestureUp for this very common action, and GestureDown over a link will open a background tab, which is another very common action. The only caveat is that one has to take a little care not to perform the gesture over a link when you want to scroll to the bottom of the pages.

    Using the context menu is one of the slowest methods because you have to carefully point to the right item on the menu, and the longer that menu gets, the longer it takes to hit the right item.

    0_1519072747545_Scroll to Bottom.png

    Vote for Concatenate Commands which adds even more power to mouse gestures.

  • @pesala GestureDown and GestureUp default to New Page and Stop Loading respectively.

    The GestureDown over a link defaults to Open in new tab while GestureDown; GestureUp defaults to Open in background tab. While I rarely use Open in new tab and prefer Open in background tab myself, a mouse gesture for the latter is pretty useless when you have a middle mouse button. Therefore I think the defaults make sense here.

    Since these gestures rely heavily upon muscle memory, I think a better argument than your configuration is needed for changing the defaults :)

    My configuration is: Up;Left;Up for Go to top and Down;Right;Down for Go to end. Neither gesture has a default binding yet.

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