Vivaldi taking over entire screen

  • There are no tabs, no back buttons and no way to minimize the screen! I can't even access my task bar! There was an earlier screen advertising vivaldi download and it appeared the same way. The only way to exit is by using control/atl/delete to close it down.

    I guess my quick fix will be to use another browser as default and try a fresh download. (Vivaldi was my newly discovered favorite, though it's really been having some major problems, such as reopening where I left off - as a multi-tasker who is always researching, I generally have up to 50 tabs open. But I've never seen anything like this before!)


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    • Press Alt P to open the Settings
    • Change the settings from Startup with last session to startup with home page
    • Restart Vivaldi
    • Restore your startup options.

    0_1518981542130_Startup with Last Session.png 0_1518981545996_Startup with Home Page.png

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    @victorialee This is a sign of a bad session. After you open Vivaldi, are you able to access Help/About?

  • Thank you! Actually, it was much simpler. Somehow it got stuck in full-screen mode and i could have probably just hit the escape key to exit! But a few right clicks and selections and it was set back to normal....

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    @victorialee Yes. F11 will enter and exit fullscreen. Sorry - I did not understand, from your description, that you were just in fullscreen - or perhaps I just assumed that if you were, you would know it. Again, sorry.


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