Site crashes

  • Vivaldi crashes when I use this site: Also, when it crashes, the browser keeps running in the background and I have to shut down processes to close Vivaldi completely in order to restart it. Love the browser...please keep improving it! Dirk :ohmy:

  • I just loaded the link. I am having no problems. I am using Vivaldi x32 on a home built PC running Win 7 x64 with 16 gb of RAM.

    As an aside, I haven't had Vivaldi crash in a long time (fingers crossed), but next time it should happen, instead of going into Process Explorer to kill all of the open Vivaldi processes, I am going to try to use Vivaldi's built in task manager and just kill the tab that crashed.

  • I confirm, no problem for me.


    Did you try to disable your extensions to understand if one of them is the culprit?


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