(Legacy) Footer text hidden with custom background

  • Won't work on Vivaldi 2.4. Don't use this.

    A little mod I use to tweak text colour seen in footer without messing with theme and customized background.
    It works nice, but I see the "unthemed" link when is not hovered/going-out-of-focus.
    I'm pretty sure I simply need to apply some css state here... but I don't know which one 😛

    Old approach. I leave here as resource 🙂

    .acc-light #footer #status_info.visible > span,
    .theme-light  #footer #status_info.visible > span,
    .theme-light.color-behind-tabs-off #footer #status_info.visible > span,
    .acc-dark #footer #status_info.visible > span {background-color: var(--colorBgLight); opacity: .95;}
    .theme-dark #footer #status_info.visible > span {background-color: var(--colorBg); opacity: .95;}

    //Edit pretty much fixed removing transition - useful only if you are going to mod footer background 😛

    #footer #status_info > span {
      transition: none;
    #footer #status_info.visible > span {
      background-color: var(--colorBgAlpha);


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