Restoring default Vivaldi search engine tags?

  • After listening to Jon's excellent recent AMA, I'm considering restoring the default tags that vivaldi adds to search engine strings, in order to help fund development. Here's a good synopsis of the situation by @ayespy:

    @ayespy said in Search Engine:

    The default search will probably ALWAYS have extra parameters tacked on, to monetize it. Opinions are divided as to whether this is something to be worried about. Without the extra parameters, Vivaldi is not funded to continue operations. With them, the search request passes thru a portal owner who sells statistical results to their customers, and kicks back a fraction of the money they earn to Vivaldi, so they can pay their team. It's a tossup. If Vivaldi had identified this as a security or privacy threat, they would not have signed the contract. On the other hand, you can enhance your "privacy" (as though such a thing existed) and deny Vivaldi funding, by deleting the search parameter Vivaldi installed with the browser and and adding your own direct from the search site.

    Jon says revenue from the searches is about $1 per user-year.

    Does anyone have the search strings that would be added back? Or is this not a good idea?

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    @paul1149 I don't know who might have them, especially as they change from time to time. If you exported your bookmarks, and renamed your Default folder, you would get them all back of course, but then you would have to re-set all of your settings, re-install your various extensions, and then import the HTML file of bookmarks that you had exported, to get your personal collection of bookmarks back. Then you would have to replace the search bookmarks and others that you had created with the Vivaldi-installed versions of the same. Seems like (far from impossible but) a fair amount of work. Still, if you REALLY wanted to support Vivaldi...

  • @paul1149 Perhaps you should go to Settings/Search/Search Engines and click on Restore Defaults. But your customized search engines will be lost.

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    @hlehyaric I had forgotten that for searches. But hey - custom searches can be re-installed...

  • @ayespy said in Restoring default Vivaldi search engine tags?:

    custom searches can be re-installed...

    Fortunately they can. Maybe time consuming if you have a lot of search engines. But if one really wants to support Vivaldi…

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    Custom Search can be retained when restoring defaults.

    0_1518981218375_Keep Custom Searches.png

    However, it's only worth keeping search engines that you do actually use. Vivaldi will gain nothing from having unused search engines cluttering your menus.

  • Interesting, thanks.

    If I do this, my plan would be to create a clean temporary V profile, and take note of the search engine strings from there, and then carry them over.


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