Add a Button to Collapse Folders

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    On bookmarks, notes, mail, and windows panel (and vivaldi://bookmarks), it would be nice to have a button to collapse all the folders at once, and preferably, with an option not to collapse the currently selected folder(s).

  • I find myself right-clicking on random bookmarks to collapse all folders rather often. Not terrible, but it's not exactly a short list.

    0_1526309577879_Exp_Coll Bookmarks Buttons.png

    A couple buttons would simplify things.

  • Moderator

    IMO a command that can be assigned to a shortcut or mouse gesture would be more efficient than moving the mouse up to a button at the top of the panels.

    Collapse/Expand Bookmark Tree with Flipback/Flipforward

    Remove the Expand/Collapse Folder Triangles would make it much easier to collapse single folders, so one would not often get into the state of needing to collapse all folders.

    The current context menu items are even less accessible than a button on the toolbar would be.

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