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    It would be good if we had the animated progress of panel downloads.

    For now, there is a little indicator about a downloading file. It is very small and tiny. There should be something like animated circle with arrows.

    In my opinion there can be two different progress indicators:

    • Download indicator in three steps:

    Downloading file progress is showed with animated circle, after completing download, the circle change to the pipe, and after while, is showed classic icon but with some indicator (dot, or number etc.)

    0_1539189818620_1518944295016-download_progress_suggest1 (1).png

    • Download indicator in two steps:

    Something similiar to first suggestion but, the completed download is showed with pipe with some indicator (dot, or number etc.) but this is still showed. The classic icon is only showed after opened Download panel.


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    @cheve11e_191 I never even noticed the indicator before as my panel toolbar is closed unless I am using the panel, in which case, if it was the downloads panel, I can see the full progress indicator.

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    @pesala In my view, some distinction is needed, and highlighting when download progress is here. If not in the form of animation, for example the highlight color may be used in the download bar on icon. Since the icon has now neutral white (gray) bar.

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