Streaming Media: Sound Lower Frequency

  • Video is OK

    In Firefox no problem. What could cause this?

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    There are similar reports for video too. It is a known issue. Some sites have poor browser detection.

    @ian-coog said in Sound in video plays in slow motion (video itself goes fine):

    It's actually a mixed problem, that site videos work when changing User Agent to Firefox for Windows, meaning they are serving a different video/encoding type depending on the detected browser. Still Vivaldi isn't able to play every video types, which is understandable, but sometimes annoying.
    Try changing user agent via F12 dev tools/Network conditions/detag "Select automatically", choose Firefox and while keeping the dev tools open, push the reload button.

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    @yrrah said in Streaming Media: Sound Lower Frequency:

    Video is OK
    In Firefox no problem. What could cause this?

    Firefox has other audio decoders than Vivaldi, so it is not really comparable.

    And some sites send broken audio streams which are incorrectly detected by Vivaldi.
    Fixes are in progress.

    I know that are nasty issues for you and i am experiencing low-speed audio on some sites like radio streams or some newspaper sites, to. So i can understand what you are suffering from.


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