Lock Interface Layout to Prevent Accidental Resizing etc

  • Situation: I use a tab bar on the left hand side of my Vivaldi window. I tend to have a lot of tabs open.

    Issue: It's pretty easy to grab the resize handle of the tab bar rather than the scroll bar by accident and screw up the layout.

    Solution: Similar to the Windows task bar, have an option to lock the positions and layout of interface elements to prevent them being resized by accident.

    I imagine this would be generally useful for the various panels etc available in the interface, rather than restricted to my tab bar situation.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    A must need for people who use tab bar on the sides! Waiting for it!
    There's a mod from @sethjbr which lets us customise V for the time being.

    /* Prevent changing the size of the side panel or the tab bar once size is configured */

    button.fullheight {
    display: none !important;

    For more information on modding:

    Note: We would need to reapply the code after every update.


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