NEEDED - Sticky Post for Tips, Tricks & Hacks

  • It would really be great to have a Sticky Post with Tips, Tricks and Hacks that work with Vivaldi. I have gotten several from old timers and new comers that help make my Vivaldi experience more productive and/or enjoyable. I know there are lots more floating around and it would help all to have them in one place. It is stuff like this that make for a great community of users.

  • As I already mentioned here I think this is a great idea! 🙂

    I also thought about starting such a thread (or requesting one), but I thought it would need to be well-maintained somehow, and I know I wouldn't be able to keep up with it.

    My main concern with such a thread would be how to monitor the quality of the suggested Tips and Tricks and minimize or eliminate poor quality, faulty, misleading, or off-topic posts.

    With some kinds of forum software, I guess the forum could be somewhat self-policing in such a thread (e.g., upvotes and downvotes and/or the ability of users to edit the quality of questions and answers, like all the StackExchange sites). But AFAIK, no similar functionality exists or is planned for the Vivaldi forum (and I'm not sure I would want it). I suppose the functionality could be requested; but it's a totally different forum model, and even if added, I'm guessing it would be a long time into the future.

    But maybe someone else will have some good ideas about whether such a thread would require as much maintenance as I'm imagining and, if so, how such a thread could be managed.

    If I understand correctly, personal blogs are planned (or already exist) for the Vivaldi Community, similar to what existed at MyOpera. I suppose an alternative to a "sticky" thread might be a personal blog started and maintained by a Vivaldi Community user with enough knowledge, interest, and time to adequately manage the contributions.

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    Here you go. 😉

  • Thanks Christopher. I have already checked out several of the tips in your sticky that I would never found on my own.

  • @Christoph142:

    Here you go. 😉

    Ahhh… That's great! Thank you!!! 🙂


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